VA250 conference calls for unity in America’s 250th anniversary commemoration

VA250 conference calls for unity in America's 250th anniversary commemoration

VA250 conference calls for unity in America’s 250th anniversary commemoration

A resounding call for unity opened the Virginia American Revolution 250 Commission’s (VA250) “A Common Cause to All” conference as keynote dinner speakers emphasized the importance of an inclusive commemoration of America’s 250th anniversary while honoring the revolutionary spirit of 1776.

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation President and CEO Cliff Fleet acknowledged that the founding ideals of liberty and equality, while revolutionary, were just the beginning. The hard work of creating a more perfect union continues, he said, and a truly inclusive commemoration requires reflecting the stories that have been left out of the historical narrative.

VA250 Commission Chair Delegate Terry Austin highlighted how the second annual conference, convened at Colonial Williamsburg, brought together nearly 450 commemoration planners from 37 states to forge a path forward just as the Revolutionary leaders did. He expressed gratitude to the many partners who made the three-day conference possible and stressed the importance of honoring all perspectives during the commemoration.

Governor Glenn Youngkin, acknowledging the contributions of all states, emphasized the importance of understanding our collective history. With a touch of Virginia pride, he reiterated the state’s commitment to leading the national effort, building a brighter future on the foundation of the past. Youngkin expressed confidence that the commemoration will be an “extraordinary celebration” filled with lessons to help the nation live up to its founding principles.

NBC News Correspondent Harry Smith brought a reporter’s perspective, having witnessed history across all 50 states. He shared how most Americans are focused on working hard, raising families and volunteering to improve their communities. Smith praised efforts to broaden the historical narrative and include the diverse stories that capture the essence of e pluribus unum – out of many, one.

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