Why Support VA250

Why Support VA250

Impact Of Your Support

Support from many partners will reinforce Virginia’s global leadership in innovation, entrepreneurialism, education, tourism, and economic development. Together, we can ensure the VA250 commemoration legacy achieves these goals:

  • To expand Virginia’s enduring educational assets including access to resources, interactive exhibits, and opportunities to learn more about the American Revolution.
  • To offer enhanced learning opportunities to Virginia students and teachers including curriculum development resources, teaching resources, and professional development opportunities.
  • To expand Virginia’s economic impact and provide more employment opportunities.
  • To ensure that all Virginia communities achieve their objectives in highlighting their unique roles in the nation’s 250th anniversary.
  • To elevate Virginia’s leadership and visibility on the national stage.

Impact of Commemorations

In Their Own Words

Dominion Energy
“Dominion Energy has been part of past commemorations and we have seen firsthand the impact they can have on Virginia’s economy, citizens, teachers and students…We want to make sure this celebration is no different. America’s 250th anniversary is a once in a generation opportunity and we want to make sure Virginia leads, in our rightful place.”

Edward H. Baine, President of Dominion Energy Virginia
Founding Partner of VA250

“Jean and I believe that civic education is important. We are, therefore, excited about the opportunities that the VA 250 Mobile Museum provides as it travels across the Commonwealth in the next three years. Through its interactive exhibits, school children and communities will learn much about the founding fathers and the founding of this great country.”

Jean & Rob Estes
Champion Partner of VA250

“The Landmark Foundation supports the Virginia American Revolution 250 Commemoration because we believe that it’s important to remember and learn from the events of our nation’s founding. We hope to foster a renewed commitment to the founding principles of liberty, equality and consent of the governed. And we believe that Virginians have a leading role to play in calling Americans and people around the world to live out these principles in our public and private lives.”

Frank Batten, Jr., President, Landmark Foundation
Champion Partner of VA250

Bank of Botetourt
“Bank of Botetourt is proud to partner with VA250 to celebrate our Country’s semiquincentennial by encouraging Americans to learn more about Virginia’s essential role in establishing our nation. Bank of Botetourt has its own rich history, as we will be celebrating our 125th anniversary during the VA250 commemoration period. These milestone moments present a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon the past while continuing the pursuit of a more perfect Union.”

Michelle R. Austin, President & COO of Bank of Botetourt
VA250 Commemoration Society Chairman’s Circle

Roanoke Gas Company
“Roanoke Gas Company has a long and rich history of fueling economic growth in the Commonwealth. We are proud to partner with VA250 to inspire our children and citizens and to increase civic engagement in our communities.”

Paul Nester, President & CEO of Roanoke Gas Company
Sustainer of the VA250 Commemoration Society

Jo Anne Drucker & Jim Thompson

“As Virginians, we applaud the celebration of ‘Virginia’s history is America’s story’ and want to be a part of it!”

Jo Anne Draucker
Patron of the VA250 Commemoration Society


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