Our Food, Our History

Our Food, Our History

Submitted by: Kate Houck, COO of The Underground Kitchen

The holidays are a time for gathering, for visiting with friends and family, and, of course, for sitting down to spectacular holiday meals. If you are like me you are already, in that scratchpad in your head, sketching out what your holiday dinner might look like: turkey or roast beef? Appetizers? Perhaps a few interesting cocktails to start? Nothing a few choice search terms and a visit to Pinterest won’t solve, right?

In the past few years we have had the experience of being exquisitely aware of supply chains and foodways thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. At the time, it meant waiting longer for something to arrive, having to pay more when it got here or just having to do without. It made many of us realize just how much we took for granted in regard to our food. We are in a time where we can literally randomly shout out to a device in our home, “Remind me to buy lychee!”, and it will – if not just go ahead and order it right then and there.

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