Trademark Licensing

Trademark Licensing

Trademark Licensing

The Virginia American Revolution 250 Commission (VA250) is offering YOU, Virginia’s esteemed producers, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of this historic celebration.

Imagine your Virginia-made products adorning a label that proudly declares Virginia’s key role in the founding of our nation. VA250 is extending the use of its official logos and tagline for co-branded products, allowing you to tap into the power of this historic commemoration.

The benefits extend far beyond the label. VA250 boasts a robust network of social media followers and a dedicated email list. When you join forces with VA250, your creations gain national exposure, reaching a passionate audience eager to celebrate with a taste of Virginia’s spirit.

Here’s how to join the celebration:

  • Sign a non-exclusive trademark agreement to use the VA250 brand
  • Commit to a return of 10% of the net profits for any co-branded product to support VA250’s vital mission

    Trademark Licensing Policies:

  • Partners must have a product already in production, made in Virginia, that they will label/co-brand with VA250 logo.
  • Partnerships will be non-exclusive unless specifically stated in the contract.
  • Revenue sharing of 10% of product net-profit will be returned to VA250 in support of statewide commemoration efforts by any vendor entering into this agreement.
  • Marketing and promotion will be a joint effort between vendor and VA250. VA250 will promote products and highlight vendors on the official website and via its social media channels. VA250 will also make available opportunities for vendor attendance at VA250 events, will encourage local committees in 134 localities to do the same, and will ensure all partners are included in any outsourced marketing efforts.
  • Co-branded products may be offered for sale, at the vendor’s expense, at certain VA250 planned events if and as appropriate and on a case-by-case basis.
  • Souvenir type items created for this commemoration by anyone other than the VA250 Commission will not be considered for co-branding or use of the VA250 logo.
  • All products must be legal to sell and possess in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • All products must carry an appropriate message in keeping with the VA250 mission, which shall be approved by VA250 prior to its implementation.
  • VA250 reserves the right to deny any request for co-branding.
  • Agreements will run through July 1, 2032.
  • Commission licensed marks shall not be altered in any way and must be used according to VA250 brand guidelines.
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