Commemoration Programs

Commemoration Programs

Commemoration Programs

From 2023 through 2027, the VA250 Commission with the help of passionate supporters will deliver impactful and thoughtful exhibits, events, and programs that inspire all Americans to learn more about the founding of our nation and Virginia’s key role.

Signature Exhibition with Traveling Panels

A Signature 5,000 square foot exhibition displayed at the Virginia Museum of History and Culture and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown throughout 2025 to 2027 will focus on events throughout the revolutionary period. Complementary panel exhibits will travel statewide bringing the inspiration of independence to citizens across the Commonwealth.

VA250 Mobile Museum

A hands-on, interactive, and immersive “museum on wheels”, housed in an expandable tractor-trailer will travel throughout Virginia beginning in 2024 with a goal to visit every locality so that all students and citizens can experience history in their community and learn more about the unique assets of each region of the Commonwealth.

Signature Events & Conferences

Events, conferences, and programs will take place across the Commonwealth beginning in 2023 to commemorate the defining moments and significant stories of the nation’s quest for independence. Some of these dates include:

March 10 – 12, 2023: A Common Cause to All: 250th Anniversary of the Committee of Correspondence
Fall 2024: Lafayette Grand Tour
November 9, 2024: Yorktown Tea Party
March 23, 2025: Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech
May 2026: Sail250
July 4, 2026: 250th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence
Common Cause To All

Educational Programs

Partnerships with schools and educational institutions will supplement primary, secondary, and higher education resources through activities such as curriculum development, learning resources, student essay opportunities, teacher institutes, professional development opportunities, and development of enduring educational assets.

Community Support Grants

Grant funding opportunities to partners and Local 250 Committees will assist communities across Virginia in conveying their unique stories and highlighting their exclusive resources. Beginning in 2023, the VA250 Commission has already begun providing and will provide further grant funding opportunities to the VA250 Local Committees for tourism marketing, content development, and creative community partnerships. Click here to learn more.

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