Logo Usage & Assignment Policy

Logo Usage & Assignment Policy

VA250 Logo Usage & Assignment Policy


The Virginia American Revolution 250 Commission created a logo for its use in promoting the American Revolution Semiquincentennial. All rights of logo usage are reserved for the Commission unless expressly granted otherwise. Any local VA250 committee, museum, historical site, or educational institution wishing to be identified with the Commission may apply for specific uses of the logo.


  1. Certain events or activities shall not receive the endorsement, explicit or implicit, of the Commission, and the logo shall not be affiliated with such events or activities, which include but shall not be limited to the following:
    • Any event or activity sponsored by a fraternal, political, advocacy, or heritage group; any battle reenactment; any commercial product, publication, or production, other than those sponsored by the Commission; historical fiction or nondocumentary theater or film productions.
  2. The Application to Affix Logo must be completed for every logo assignment, even if the local committee is attaching it to one of its own events, and sent to the Commission office for approval. The application must be filled out completely and a draft, proof, copy, or mock-up of material to which logo is to be affixed must accompany the application.
  3. The local committee may vet the application and endorse it or not, after evaluating whether the particular use of the logo is compatible with the Commission’s goals of diversity, inclusiveness, education, and access. The committee will either endorse the application or withhold its endorsement and so notify the applicant and the Commission.
  4. The Executive Director may grant provisional authorization for use of the logo. The Executive Committee will make the final decision to grant or deny requests for use of the logo at its regularly scheduled meetings. Applicants may be asked to provide information to the Executive Committee or to answer questions about proposed use of the logo. Commission staff will notify the local committee or private/nonprofit entity when the application is approved and assign the logo.