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Event Detail

The Parsons' Cause - Prelude to Revolution

The Parsons


One December 1, 1763, a country lawyer from Hanover stepped from obscurity into the forefront of legal and political circles in Virginia. His name was Patrick Henry. The event that shaped his destiny was the trial of The Parsons' Cause. Henry challenged the two most important potent entities of colonial Virginia--the King and the clergy. The case proved to be one of the opening salvos of the colonies split with the Mother Country and started Henry on the path of becoming the "Voice of the Revolution." See the theatrical recreation of this monumental event.


August 24, 2024 - August 24, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Hanover County

Historic Hanover Courthouse
13182 Hanover Courthouse Rd
Hanover, VA 23069

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