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Event Detail

I Can't Tell A Lie: A New Look at Parson Weems with Author and Historian James Bish

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George Washington’s lifetime family associations, primarily his Ball family relations, were used by Washington's first biographer Parson Weems. James Bish's new book "I Can't Tell A Lie" looks into the Washington and Ball family associations, along with Weems’ family associations, expose the sources for Weems’ many anecdotes regarding Washington. Mr Bish will also focus on the many Revolutionary War connections including The Prayer at Valley Forge, Dr James Craik, Col. William Grayson, John Cadwalader, Henry Lee II and Henry Lee lll.

Be sure to grab a drink, join us to learn the truth about the Cherry Tree, and other Parson Weems’ anecdotes, in this must-read work about Parson Mason Weems and George Washington.


July 09, 2023 - July 09, 2023
7 pm


Category: Lecture/Seminar
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