January 2024 Events Newsletter

January 2024 Events Newsletter


The Revolutionary Rumble

Forget resolutions, embrace revolutions! Must-do 250 events in Virginia this month

Welcome to the inaugural edition of “The Revolutionary Rumble” – your monthly guide to navigating the exciting landscape of events commemorating the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution across our great Commonwealth! As the drums of liberty echo anew, we embark on this journey to celebrate the heroes, explore the battles, and rediscover the spirit that forged a nation.

January promises a whirlwind of discovery, from musket demonstrations to virtual book talks, living history adventures to captivating performances. Get ready to walk in the footsteps of giants, from Benedict Arnold’s daring raid to George Washington’s reflections on leadership. Whether you’re a seasoned history buff or simply curious about the roots of our nation, there’s an event waiting for you. Get ready to step back in time and celebrate the spirit of revolution!

Arnold’s Raid on Richmond of 1781

Explore the fascinating story of Benedict Arnold’s daring raid through presentations by renowned historians, musket demonstrations, immersive living history activities, and a captivating walking tour. This free event promises a weekend of discovery and engagement for all ages.

January 4 – 7 | City of Richmond & Henrico County

Twelfth Night at Kenmore: A Dramatic Performance

Step back into 1776 and experience a Christmas unlike any other at Twelfth Night at Kenmore! Witness the Washingtons celebrate while the shadow of the Revolution looms, casting uncertainty over the usual festive merriment. Dramatic scenes in Kenmore’s candlelit rooms, colonial music, and the echoes of a nascent nation’s struggle await. Discover the complex story of Christmas amidst the birth pangs of freedom.
Through January 7 | City of Fredericksburg

1781 Battle of Mackie’s Mill

Witness Virginia’s citizen-soldiers defy a British army led by Benedict Arnold! On the 243rd anniversary of the Cypress Creek skirmish, step into the heart of battle and experience the bravery of Isle of Wight County’s militia under Colonel Josiah Parker. Feel the fire of muskets, hear the roar of cannons, and see the unwavering determination in their eyes as they defend their homes and their nascent nation.
January 16 | Isle of Wight County

Marshall Scholar Series with Richard Haass

Is American democracy at a crossroads? Join us at Virginia Museum of History & Culture for a crucial conversation with Dr. Richard Haass! A renowned diplomat and policymaker, Dr. Haass brings his expertise to center stage with his latest book, “The Bill of Obligations: The Ten Habits of Good Citizens.” This thought-provoking work challenges us to re-evaluate what it means to be a responsible citizen in the face of today’s political and social landscape.
January 17 | City of Richmond

Revolutionary Road Trip

Embark on an epic road trip through American Revolution history with PBS host Darley Newman and expert guides! This special program, offered in-person or virtually, whisks you away to battlefields, hidden gems, and delicious local eats along the Revolutionary route from Charleston to Trenton. Learn more about Prince William County, Virginia, where Revolutionary history abounds along the Washington-Rochambeau National Historic Trail and at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.
January 18 | Virtual and Washington, DC

Virtual Book Talk – “God Save Benedict Arnold”

Unravel the enigma of Benedict Arnold. Beyond his infamous betrayal, delve into the life of one of the most fascinating and paradoxical figures of the American Revolution. Acclaimed author and historian Jack Kelly dissects the “real Arnold,” going beyond the traitor label and exploring his brilliant military mind, courageous leadership, and pivotal role in early Revolutionary victories.
January 18 | Virtual

Commemorating the Lives: The Lee Men of Stratford Hall

Walk in the footsteps of American history at Stratford Hall, where three iconic figures were born in January: Richard Henry Lee, “Light-Horse Harry” Lee, and Robert E. Lee. Witness precious artifacts brought to life including Hannah Harrison Ludwell Lee’s sewing purse, a christening gown worn by generations of Lees, and even Robert E. Lee’s personal mechanical pencil.
January 20 | Westmoreland County

The Incident at Griffin’s Wharf: The Boston Tea Party & Beyond

Join Loudoun County historians Tracy and Rich Gillespie for a sensory and immersive exploration of the 1773 Boston Tea Party and its impact on Loudoun County. Dive deep into the events leading up to that pivotal act of defiance, uncover similar incidents in Virginia and other colonies, and learn how Loudouners responded to the brewing Revolution. Experience the five teas thrown overboard at Griffin’s Wharf, served with commentary that unlocks their distinct flavors and fascinating roles in Colonial America.
January 20 | Loudoun County

Author Visit with Libby McNamee – Susanna’s Midnight Ride (ages 9-11)

Forget Paul Revere – meet Susanna Bolling, the teen who overheard British plans, escaped through a secret tunnel, and rode 10 miles on horseback to save the American Revolution! Join author Libby McNamee to hear the thrilling true story of Susanna’s Midnight Ride and celebrate the daring girl who deserves a standing ovation in history.
January 27 | Chesterfield County

Meet George Washington

Step back in time and walk in Washington’s boots. Costumed historian Steve Hawkins brings George Washington to life in a captivating performance that delves into the heart and mind of America’s first president. From his boyhood memories to the challenges of leading a nation, hear Washington reflect on his incredible journey.
January 28 | Henrico County

That’s all for now. Be sure to visit our online calendar regularly, as new events keep popping up throughout the month. Until next time, keep the fire of freedom burning bright! 🔥

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